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         ZCMWood Drying Equipment
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         Redwood drying box
         Veneer drying equipment
         Heat Treatment Equipment
         Drying accessories
      Weifang CREE automation equipment Technology Co., Ltd.Is located in the national famous tourism County -- Linqu, the company covers an area of 1000 square meters, is a professional engaged in EVA film, tempered glass, laminated glass equipment, glass sheet turning equipment Taiwan, CNC automatic glass cutting line and a series of products manufacturers. My company has a high technology R & D team and a group of have the skilled operation technology staff, the introduction of the film is the world's most advanced production equipment, the most professional, dedicated to providing high quality products with the most competitive and first-class technical services for the partners, to become the designated supplier of many domestic and foreign large glass products company.

    Shandong. Weifang CREE automation equipment Technology Co., Ltd.
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